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Excerpt from Ireland: Mythical, Magical, Mystical – a Guide to Hidden Ireland

The following is an excerpt of my book on planning your own trip to Ireland. It gives some myth and history of the Emerald Isle (as below), some tips and tricks to planning your own trip, and a huge section of hidden gems to find. Places off the beaten path, and away from the crowded tour buses.

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Creating Characters

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Top Ten Things to See near Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland

While I don’t live in Kirkwall, I have visited on holiday, and enjoyed the town very much.  It isn’t easy to get to, being on the Orkneys in the North Sea, but it is well worth a trip, and there

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Some of my Beadwork

I sew each bead on, one by one, with needle and thread.

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Clava Cairns, Scotland

The Clava Cairns are a set of Neolithic stone structures about a mile from Culloden Battlefield in Scotland. Three burial cairns, two of which are passage graves. You can go inside (the first photo is of me inside looking out.).

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What is Digital Art?

Post by Christy Jackson Nicholas: What is Digital Art? We are in a relatively new world, the Information Age.  The days of Pony Express, telegraphs and hand written letters are over.  So what does this mean in the art world? 

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Fires on the Hill of Uisneach | Where’s my backpack?

Originally posted on Working Holiday Ireland:
Fires on the Hill of Uisneach Posted on June 5, 2015 by ailsapm A couple of weeks ago I ventured right into the heartland of Ireland. In the county of Westmeath, between the villages of…

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Slieve Gullion, Giants Lair, Ring of Gullion, County Armagh

Originally posted on niviews:
Best laid plans eh? We set out for Slieve Gullion pretty early in the morning but on arrival found that not only was the drive around the 9KM “Ring of Gullion” closed due to tree felling,…

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Episode One – Video Footnote: Return to Edgewood Cemetery

Originally posted on Discovering Your Past:
So I went back to Edgewood Cemetery to try and get an updated set of GPS Coordinates in the decimal form that Find a Grave prefers (as opposed to the Degree, Minutes and Seconds…

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The Dark Hedges in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The place has many moods, depending on the time of day and year. It’s in County Antrim, not far from the town of Ballymoney.

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Setting Sail: Irish Immigration During the Potato Famine

Many people call it the Great Famine, but it was truly not a famine. The Irish grew enough food to feed themselves, but the English landlords exported most of it.

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20 Lessons Learned from Traveling to 20 Countries

Excellent advice!

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Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

The Isle of Harris, Scotland. Na Hearadh in Gaelic. This island is actually connected to the Isle of Lewis, and together they are the largest island in the Outer Hebrides, islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. It is an

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Listening to Your Muse

All of us have dreams, inspirations, ideas, and creativity.  However, each person manifests their creativity in a different way, using different media and unique interpretations.  Everyone has a Muse. What is a Muse?  In ancient Greek Mythology, there were nine

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Greetings and salutations!

I started a blog about a month ago on Quora, but decided to exercise my right as a Fickle Woman and move house to WordPress. Welcome! Please join me for my ride! I have diverse tastes and interests, so this

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