Some of my Beadwork

Beadweaving is an art that has recently received an upsurge of interest. I think that’s wonderful! I’ve been obsessed with it for about 15 years, now. I sew each bead on, one by one, with needle and thread. I primarily use seed beads and delica beads (which measure 11 to an inch), but also use other shaped beads, crystals, pearls, and focal pieces.

Here are some of my works! Enjoy!


Christy.Nicholas.3  Christy Nicholas.Mardigras Christy Nicholas.Tiger Christy Nicholas.TigerCloseupChristy Nicholas.Unicorn  Christy.Nicholas1 Christy.Nicholas2 Christy.Nicholas3 Christy.Nicholas5 Christy.Nicholas7 Christy.Nicholas4 018   037 055 053 057 061  083 AutumnLeaves (2) BlackandWhite CelticCross HPIM1019 MonarchButterfly  P1060942 P1060967 P1070006 P1070015 P1070022 P1070024 P1070046 P1070098 P1070112 P1140810 P1140813

You can find more of my work at, or on my facebook page at I do art shows around the southern Pennsylvania area, and can always custom-make a piece!  Cheers, and thanks for looking!


I am an artist, accountant and author living in western New York, transplanted from Denmark, Michigan, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania (in that order!) I love the beauty of the world and sharing it with others through jewelry, photography, digital painting and writing.

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10 comments on “Some of my Beadwork
  1. Melissa Price says:

    Your beadwork is absolutely stunning. Every piece is just gorgeous. The attention to detail and artistry is incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa Price says:

    Speaking of attention to detail…I have to corect my own grammar just because I am that way. Last line should be are not is. I feel so ashamed. 😳

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Judy Klein says:

    Your creative life is truly awesome, so many arenas for your brilliant touch. If you stopped, I suspect you’d explode……but the explosion would rival a Chinese fireworks display.


  4. Marlies Bates says:

    You truly are a wonderful and very talented lady and friend. Keep up the beautiful work and always remember we do this because we enjoy it so much!!


  5. Wow! I beaded the hummingbiord for my wedding dress and it took hours and days and months – your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. starhandarts says:

    what a stunning body of work.


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