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‘Silent Fields’ © J. Canning 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Originally posted on Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland:
‘Silent Fields’ © J. Canning 2015. All Rights Reserved. They say that the beauty of Ireland’s green land, Is the last piece of work by the Creator’s hand, and the…

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 OK, to me it sounds like Jumanji! But that was today’s goal. Actually, it was yesterday’s goal, but we turned back for home as Jason hadn’t been feeling well. Today was much better so we took a round trip in

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In and out and around each bend…

 Today we drove the Westfjords. Not all of them, mind you, but it felt like it. Remember yesterday, when I thought I might be getting jaded with the beautiful scenery? Scratch that. It is once again stunning and awe-inspiring. The

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 Westfjords, ho!

 Today was a travel day. Originally it was going to be a much longer travel day. However, our ‘short sojourn’ yesterday, which turned into 7 hours of driving, meant that: 1) we had already seen the first peninsula on my

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Release date is set for my novel!!

My first novel is set for release on October 23, woohoo! Legacy of Hunger, an historical fantasy set in Ireland in 1846. Watch this space for more information.     Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well

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Three Norse Customs that Christianity Killed.

Author C.J. Adrien When Christianity spread across Scandinavia during the Viking Age, it changed many  Norse cultural norms. The following are three of the most notable changes that took place as a result of their Christianization. 1. Grooming. Reindeer Antler

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Damn the fog!

 Let me start by saying we have been blessed so far on our trip by the weather gods. The only time it has rained heavily is when we were traveling through mountains. Major sites were always, if not clear and

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Knocknarae, Or Thoughts on Time and the Irish Sisyphus (A Hitchhiker’s Guide)

Originally posted on Aidan Ryan:
Knocknarae as seen from Sligo. ? “UP THE MOUNTAIN ye were?” the woman said to me.  I tried to look at her from the passenger seat, though my glasses were bedazzled with raindrops. “Picked a…

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Orange is the New Jacobite

Originally posted on The Social Historian:
The Glorious Revolution, 1688. James II should have been one of Britain’s best kings. His brother Charles had brought stability after the Civil Wars. Christmas was back, soldiers had gone. Puritans had shut the…

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Whales and puffins and a Sea Rescue!!

Normally I’m doing one trip post a day, usually around dinner. But we just had a fantastic trip whale watching! I do apologize for the lack of pics. I took loads on my camera, but my phone was safely tucked

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