Photos from the Westfjords of Iceland

My journey to Iceland in July and August, 2015, consisted of:

  • 3 nights in Reykjavik
  • 2 nights in Skogar
  • 2 nights near Jökulsárlón
  • 3 nights near Lake Myvatn
  • 3 nights in Holmavik
  • 2 nights in Alftanes

In total, I took over 8900 photographs of this delightful and stunning country. It’s taking me a bit of time to go through and process them all, but I will get there eventually.

Below are several of the photographs I took on the way to the Westfjords, up around to Isafjordur and back down around the south road, and then south towards Reykjavik. The other stops will follow, one post at a time. Thank you for enjoying!

Random shots from the Westfjords

Dynjandi Waterfall:

Dynjandi1 Dynjandi2 Dynjandi3 Dynjandi4 Dynjandi5 Dynjandi6 Dynjandi7 Dynjandi8 Dynjandi9 Dynjandi10 Dynjandi11 Dynjandi12 Dynjandi13 Dynjandi14 Dynjandi15 Dynjandi16 Dynjandi17 Dynjandi18 Dynjandi19 Dynjandi20 Dynjandi21 Dynjandi22 Dynjandi23 Dynjandi24 Dynjandi25 Dynjandi26 Dynjandi27


Holmavik1 Holmavik2 Holmavik3


Hrafnseyri1 Hrafnseyri2 Hrafnseyri3 Hrafnseyri4 Hrafnseyri5 Hrafnseyri6 Hrafnseyri7


Isafjordur1 Isafjordur2



Litli-baer1 Litli-baer2 Litli-Baer3




Seals1 Seals2 Seals3 Seals4 Seals5


Westfjords1 Westfjords2 Westfjords3 Westfjords4 Westfjords5 Westfjords6 Westfjords7 Westfjords8 Westfjords9 Westfjords10 Westfjords11 Westfjords12 Westfjords13 Westfjords14 Westfjords15 Westfjords16 Westfjords17 Westfjords18 Westfjords19 Westfjords20 Westfjords21 Westfjords22 Westfjords23 Westfjords24 Westfjords25 Westfjords26 Westfjords27 Westfjords28 Westfjords29 Westfjords30 Westfjords31 Westfjords32 Westfjords33 Westfjords34 Westfjords35 Westfjords36 Westfjords37 Westfjords38 Westfjords39 Westfjords40 Westfjords41 Westfjords42 Westfjords43 Westfjords44 Westfjords45 Westfjords46 Westfjords47 Westfjords48 Westfjords49 Westfjords50 Westfjords51


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3 comments on “Photos from the Westfjords of Iceland
  1. I feel as though I traveled and I didn’t get lost, spend money, or get tired from hiking. You take stunning pictures.

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