Love vs. Hate

Hate is in the air.


You used to hear the phrase ‘love is in the air,’ but I’m afraid that’s no longer the norm. In today’s society, hate is a buzzword, a default, something people use all the time.


I believe all hate is destructive. Don’t get me wrong – I think it is a necessary emotion. Without hate, there would be no love. Hate and love are not opposites – indifference is opposite to both. To truly hate something, or to truly love it, you must feel strongly about it. It cannot be something you dismiss with the flick of your hand. But the act of hating is itself destructive. Not only does it destroy a little bit of the thing you hate, but it destroys your own peace of mind and joy in life.


We all know someone who gets no joy out of life. For me it was my Aunt Sandy. She felt rage and bitterness on a daily basis. She hated everything from the nosy neighbors to the way certain foods affected her bowels. She still ate the foods, and then hated the effect. I don’t remember her laughing or smiling very often, and I lived with her for 6 years of my childhood. In the end, I believe the hate consumed her. She died almost friendless, and certainly joyless.


Sometimes hate is for petty, tiny things, like ‘I hate milk in my coffee’ or ‘I hate that new song by Adele.’ This isn’t really hate. It’s mild dislike, but we misuse the word because it’s easy.


Sometimes, though, hate is not minor. Sometimes it is for a race, a lifestyle, a people, or a belief.


This is when hate is most destructive. More so when that hate is voiced, through a public forum. If people with a great deal of influence peddle hate, other people take it as gospel. Today’s society has elevated people of little wisdom to the public eye, and others take their words as gospel. It is a sad state of affairs. We have made celebrities out of those with talents that have nothing to do with wisdom or compassion, and then we listen to what they say when they proselytize.


If someone has gained fame from playing football, should we turn to them for advice on our retirement investments? Why would we listen to a rock star for tips on our love life? Or to a successful businessman on our religious beliefs? Their reason for celebrity has nothing to do with the subject they are expounding on. And when they expound on hate, everyone who takes that advice is harmed.


All the energy that goes into this hate can be so destructive, so crippling. What if you targeted all that energy to love and joy, instead? What could we, as a race, accomplish then?


Please, release the hate from your life. For one week, I challenge everyone to look for the good in every situation, every conversation. Imagine the best possible scenario for their actions. That person that cut you off in traffic? Imagine that they are rushing home because their wife is sick. The nasty cashier? Perhaps she was just told her mother was dying of cancer. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt for just one week, and see how much lighter, how much more joyful you feel afterwards.

But first, list one thing that you LOVE. It can be a favorite song, playing with kittens, your spouse, a favorite food, your late father, whatever it is. If you can post a photo, do so. Share with us!

Hate is a horrible weight, and we don’t need to carry it on our shoulders.

To quote Elsa, Let It Go. (Yes, I know many people ‘hate’ that song!)

#greendragon #nohate #embracelove


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5 comments on “Love vs. Hate
  1. Judy Klein says:

    Good piece, I’d say more, but the cat is “helping” me type, and progress is not easy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kyla says:

    An important subject to explore these days! Thank you. I have to laugh at myself though. While I do practice “looking for the good” pretty much, I have someone in my life who occasionally feels she needs to correct my speech if I have uttered something she thinks is not positive enough. My first reaction is, “I hate that! I hate to have my speech corrected!” Thinking further, though, if someone corrects me for factual or grammatical errors, I don’t have a reaction like that. It’s the judgment and moralizing I resist I guess.

    All that said, when hate is allowed to govern, as we are seeing in some public figures and trends of violence, it’s past the point of interpersonal squinchiness and into the danger territory.

    I do know change happens, we’ve all seen that. I just don’t know how it does. But becoming personally, individually more aware of reactions and working to root out those that, on examination, are corrosive or unfair or painful, that should be the foundation, I think.

    Thanks for your blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jenimcmillan says:

    Ah Christy, it’s a good challenge, even for the lovers of love. I am ready for it!

    Liked by 1 person

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