Excerpt from Legacy of Truth

An excerpt from Legacy of Truth, due out July 6th, 2016. Available on pre-order NOW for just $0.99!


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November 1796
Eithne kept the brooch on her at all times. She cradled it in her palms as if it would
run away if she put it down. She wore it within her bodice, feeling the warm precious
metal and gems against her skin every day.
When she went out to her assignation with the foreman, Mainey, one night, several
weeks after her sojourn at Esme’s house, she chose the old stone circle.
With Hugh gone, she no longer had to be so secretive about her lovers. But since
Mainey lived on the property, it was better they not take a chance. Even if she was the
queen of her own domain, she must maintain appearances.
She got there before her lover, and walked around the stones idly, touching each
one as she passed. Moss and lichen covered their surface, and she thought she could
see odd shapes rustling in the darkness. Still, Eithne had nothing to fear from things in
the night. She was too practical to believe in the Good Folk.
Mainey arrived, and she stood and looked at him. He was so pretty, shining in the
moonlight. His hair was long and silky. She loved smooth hair on a man. Melting into his
arms, she raised her face for a kiss. He obliged, and his warm lips made her shudder in
They made passionate love on the soft grass, delighting in the secret freedom of the
Afterward, he rushed back to his duties while she lingered, enjoying the warm glow
of satiation. The stars above twinkled as she sat in the cooling air.
With a start, Eithne realized she had been sitting there a great deal longer than she
had expected. The stars had shifted positions, and yet she still felt warm.
That was quite strange. She should have been shivering.
She touched the brooch within her bodice, and it was positively radiating warmth.
She took it out and almost dropped it with a cry.
It was glowing orange.
Eithne studied the piece of ancient jewelry with curious eyes. She turned it around
and held it up in the moonlight, but the thing still pulsed an angry orange-red. She
placed it down on the ground. It happened to be in the center of the circle.
When she stood, the orange glow radiated out and touched each of the standing
stones until they, too, glowed in the night sky. Fire-glow burned each of the ancient
carvings, making the circle quite hot inside. Eithne could feel the power surge through
her, and she cried out. It wasn’t painful, but it was powerful. She twirled in place with her
arms outstretched. The movement made her skirts billow out, and she laughed in
delight. She knew there was a reason she wanted that brooch. She could feel
something tingling through her arms and toes.
What could she do with this power? She had no idea. Her grandfather was always
droning on with his stories of faeries and wishes. Perhaps there was something in the
daft old man’s tales. She tried to wish for something, use her will to manifest some
useful item.
“Wealth! Bring me wealth and power. I want to be in control!”
The orange pulsed brighter once, twice and a third time, almost red now, before it
faded. The tingling became a burning, buzzing pressure in her mind. It crackled and
burst into a thousand orange fragments, fizzling down to the earth and dying. Then the
power and the glow faded away.
Eithne felt more alive than she had ever felt in her life.





I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based on my parents’ 30-year search for true love. Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books.

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