Happy Solstice!

Summer is here, hot and sultry!


I have had a love-hate relationship with summer. Having grown up in South Florida, summer meant blistering heat, horrible humidity, and lovely complications such as heat rash. There’s your delightful visual for the day! People went from air conditioned cars to air conditioned homes to air conditioned offices – much like people in the north do in winter, but without ice and salt trucks.


But summer does mean freedom, in many ways. Freedom from darkness, freedom from cold, freedom from work for many, such as teachers and students. In Florida, summer even meant freedom from tourists!


Now that I live in western New York State, there is freedom from winter. Something I never fully appreciated until I moved here! I see much more of the wheel of the year when you actually have seasons. On summer solstice, the forces of light are as strong as the days are long.


So, celebrate the summer, the long days and the healthful heat. Enjoy the seaside, light a bonfire, and let your cares fall away!


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I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based on my parents’ 30-year search for true love. Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books.

– Better To Have Loved – Contemporary romance based on the true story of my parents’ 30-year search for love

– Legacy of Hunger – Historical fantasy set in 1846 Ireland

– Legacy of Truth – Historical fantasy set around 1800 Ireland. Prequel to Legacy of Hunger, on pre-order now, release date July 6th, 2016.

– Legacy of Luck – Historical fantasy set in 1745 Ireland and Scotland. Prequel to Legacy of Truth, tentative release date January, 2017!

– Stunning, Strange and Secret: A Guide to Hidden Scotland

– Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland

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I am an artist, accountant and author living in western New York, transplanted from Denmark, Michigan, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania (in that order!) I love the beauty of the world and sharing it with others through jewelry, photography, digital painting and writing.

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