Genesis of a Novel – Part XIII – Submission!

Yes, yes, I have finally gotten to where I am reasonably happy with the edits, and I’m submitting my novel to my publisher for consideration.


Since I’ve a standing relationship with my publisher, it is much easier for me to do this process than someone starting out. I work with a small-press publisher (Tirgearr Publishing has about 100 authors), and they don’t require an agent, so I can just send my submission in via email. But there are some steps first.


I first go through and do one last read-through for errors or inconsistencies. I make sure anything I want italicized is both italicized and highlighted (my publisher asks that we do this). Since many of my novels are set in historical Ireland, I make sure I have a glossary/pronunciation guide in the back for any words that would be unfamiliar to readers.  If there’s a map, I add it. I write my dedication and/or acknowledgements. I make sure my blurb and taglines are up to date, relevant, and pack some punch.


Then I format it per the PRECISE guidelines of the publisher. This is very important. If they want triple-spaced, comic sans type size 18, then that’s what you do (while cringing). More likely it’s double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12.


And then I wait.


The longest time I’ve waited to hear about a submission is 105 days (first novel). The shortest length was 10 days (latest novels). It has, in fact, gotten shorter with each novel, though I submitted Misfortune of Vision on May 8th, and it’s been over 10 days for this one. But I was told ahead of time my editor is currently swamped, so I’m not too concerned.


The waiting is the toughest part.


In the meantime, I finished the first draft of Misfortune of Song, the prequel to Misfortune of Vision. I’ve also completed the approval for the book cover on Call of the Morrigu, and I should get the author kit for that tomorrow… it might even be up for pre-order tomorrow, woohoo! Call of the Morrigu was the 10-day acceptance book. I sent it in on January 24th of this year, and it was accepted February 3rd. I got first edits on April 11th. That whole process – submission to release date – has ranged from 176 days (my first novel) to 176 (Call of the Morrigu).


Oh, the waiting.


The next step will (hopefully!~) be the contract, the cover art, the blurbs, the tagline, all that good stuff.


More parts:



I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based on my parents’ 30-year search for true love. Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books.

Better To Have Loved – Contemporary romance based on the true story of my parents’ 30-year search for love

Legacy of Hunger – Historical fantasy set in 1846 Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #1

Legacy of Truth – Historical fantasy set around 1800 Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #2

Legacy of Luck – Historical fantasy set in 1745 Ireland and Scotland. Druid’s Brooch #3

Misfortune of Vision – Historical fantasy set in 12th century Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #4 (submitted to publisher)

The Enchanted Swans – Historical fantasy set in 500 BCE Ireland, based on The Children of Lir, an Irish Fairy Tale.

Turlough’s Tale – Short Story in The Druid’s Brooch series, set ten years before Legacy of Luck. Release details soon!

Call of the Morrigú – Historical fantasy set in 1797 Ireland. Due out July 19, 2017 (pre-order available May 23rd!)

Stunning, Strange and Secret: A Guide to Hidden Scotland

Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland


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I am an artist, accountant and author living in western New York, transplanted from Denmark, Michigan, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania (in that order!) I love the beauty of the world and sharing it with others through jewelry, photography, digital painting and writing.

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