Happy Lughnasadh!


The first day of August (or thereabouts) is traditionally celebrated in Celtic cultures as Lammas, Lughansadh, or the first harvest in the northern hemisphere. The Scottish name for August is Lammas.


Lammas is one of the four pre-Christian Celtic Pagan festivals, marking the halfway points between Equinoxes and Solstices, along with Beltaine (May 1), Samhain (Nov 1), and Imbolc (Feb 1).


Rathcrogan in Ireland is a traditional site for celebrating these days:

‘it was in Cruachan with Meadb the fairs of Ireland were wont to be held and the sons of the kings of Ireland used to be in Cruachan with Meadb at that time to see if they might exchange war with the province of Conchobar’ – Cath Bóinde


The name Lughnasadh derives from the name of Lugh, (pronounced Loo), an Irish mythological figure of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He is known as a god with many talents, able to master all the arts. He is also known as Lugh of the Long Arm, referring to his mastery with spear and slingshot. Lugh was of ‘mixed blood’, being grandson of Balor, the leader of the Fomorians.


The name Lammas derives from Anglo-Saxon Hlaf-mas, or loaf-mass. Since Lammas is traditionally the first harvest, the celebration of the fruits, corn, and wheat of this time makes sense. The last sheaf of corn is kept from the harvest to be made into a corn dollie (often also associated with Samhain celebration, the last harvest).


Lammas is a time of abundance and a surplus of food. The hedgerows are now yeilding wild strawberries and raspberries. Gardens are fat with blackcurrants and beans. Green turns to gold, the flowers will begin to die back and bring forth their fruits instead. It is a time for gathering and we must bear in mind the coming of Autumn and Winter ahead. It is time to begin to lay in store the things we will need mentally and physically, to get us through the dark months. The energy that began to rise from the earth at Imbolc, now begins it’s return journey.


So, enjoy the long days and warm weather while it lasts. Dance in the fields and celebrate the bounty of nature!

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