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The Druid’s Brooch Series is Coming to an End

Follow a family saga back through the centuries, all holders of a magical brooch whose origins are hidden in the mists of time and Irish legend… It started in 1846, with Legacy of Hunger. Valentia left her home in the

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Stone Forged – New Release!

Two years ago, they ended an invasion. Now, they must prevent an uprising. When peace is shattered by a southern king, the northern Ó Mordha tribesmen must once again join the fight. As the freed invaders amass at the seat

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Dan Rather Speaks

Dan Rather I sit locked in a self-imposed isolation as a deadly virus surges outside. Time frames for returning to any hope of a faint echo of normalcy stretch into the many months or years. This distant horizon strikes particularly

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Why Do I Share Videos of Hatred?

Why share things that people do wrong? Why make them viral? Because, the more people who see it, the more people realize that not only are these actions reprehensible, but that there ARE consequences to these actions, even if there

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A Merric’s Tale by Margs Murray

“You’ve got more enemies than I can count.” “Can I trust you?” Greer studied the distant hills. “I know you want me to tell you everything will be all right and that you’ll be fine. You want me to say

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