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More book cover critiques!

Today is blue and purple day! This is lovely, full of Young Adult Fantasy feels. The font is fancy but is big enough and high enough contrast not to be lost. I would have liked more contrast in general, but

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More book covers!

More book cover critiques! I’ve got a green and gold theme going this week. I love all things filigree, and done right, it can make a striking, whimsical cover. This one does that, while giving place (Paris) without overwhelming. Simple

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More cool book covers

More book cover critiques! This cover has lovely art, very evocative and intriguing. The simple font works well, especially with the delightful dagger as the T in Agatha. Red is the primary color here, except for her blue eyes, which

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The Introvert-Extrovert Bridge

Many of us have a spot along the spectrum between Introvert and Extrovert. People on the extrovert side tend to be talkative, outgoing, and recharge by being around people, while introverts are more private, quiet, and recharge with alone time.

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Age of Druids is a RONE Awards Finalist for 2021!

InD’Tale Magazine runs the RONE Awards every year, awarding excellence in several novel categories. My book, Age of Druids, is in this year’s finals for the Fantasy category. Check out the results in June’s issue of InD’Tale Magazine! What? You

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