The Introvert-Extrovert Bridge

Many of us have a spot along the spectrum between Introvert and Extrovert. People on the extrovert side tend to be talkative, outgoing, and recharge by being around people, while introverts are more private, quiet, and recharge with alone time.

Whenever I’ve taken the tests for this (like Myers-Briggs) I usually score right on the middle – either skewed very slightly one way or another, depending on my mood the day of the test. 51/49 or 49/51. This means I CAN recharge with a day full of people, or I can recharge with alone time. It depends on my frame of mind that day.

However, I’ve noticed another thing that I’ve been doing lately that might result from this equality. I’ve been advocating for my introvert friends with my extrovert friends.

For instance, an introvert friend mentioned that she’d lost so much weight that her favorite dress was too big on her. She has no sewing skills, and said it was a complicated dress. If I still lived nearby, I would have offered to take it in. However, we both know another friend that lives near her that is 1. great at sewing, and 2. very extroverted and loves helping others. So, I suggested that Introvert ask Extrovert to barter some seamstressing in exchange for something.

As soon as I suggested it, I knew she’d never ask. She just doesn’t ask for things, that’s too far out of her comfort zone. So I asked her if she minded that I ask for her. I’ve done this before for her and others. I am more comfortable advocating for others than for myself. I was also pretty confident Extrovert would say yes. And she did.

My extrovert side becomes part of my ‘protecting others/mothering’ side, especially if they need something, or are threatened, or are in some sort of trouble. I get all Mama Bear pretty easily.

I have no issues translating this tendency into a bridge between introverts and extroverts to the betterment of all involved.

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2 comments on “The Introvert-Extrovert Bridge
  1. GHMonroe says:

    “So I asked her if she minded that I ask for her.” <—- This is a CRITICALLY important step

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