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I am an author, artist and accountant. After I failed to become an airline pilot, I quit my ceaseless pursuit of careers that begin with ‘A’, and decided to concentrate on my writing. Since I have Project Completion Disorder, I am one of the few authors I know with NO unfinished novels.

I have my hands in many crafts, including digital art, beaded jewelry, writing, and photography. In real life, I’m a CPA, but having grown up with art all around me (my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother are/were all artists), it sort of infected me, as it were.

I want to expose the incredible beauty in this world, hidden beneath the everyday grime of familiarity and habit, and share it with others. I use characters out of time and places infused with magic and myth.

Combine this love of beauty with a bit of financial sense and I get an art business. I do local art and craft shows, as well as sending my art to various science fiction conventions throughout the country and abroad.




I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based on my parents’ 30-year search for true love. Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books.

Call of the Morrigú – Historical fantasy set in 1797 Ireland. Due out July 19, 2017 (on pre-order now!)

The Enchanted Swans – Historical fantasy set in 500 BCE Ireland, based on The Children of Lir, an Irish Fairy Tale.

Better To Have Loved – Contemporary romance based on the true story of my parents’ 30-year search for love

Legacy of Hunger – Historical fantasy set in 1846 Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #1

Legacy of Truth – Historical fantasy set around 1800 Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #2

Legacy of Luck – Historical fantasy set in 1745 Ireland and Scotland. Druid’s Brooch #3

Misfortune of Vision – Historical fantasy set in 12th century Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #4 (jan 2018)

Misfortune of Song – Historical fantasy set in 12th century Ireland. Druid’s Brooch #5 (on contract)

Turlough’s Tale – Short Story in The Druid’s Brooch series, set ten years before Legacy of Luck. Release details soon!

Stunning, Strange and Secret: A Guide to Hidden Scotland

Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland

More info at Green Dragon Artist :: Home ,

Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author , and

Tirgearr Publishing – Christy Nicholas

Green Dragon Artist Blog




41 comments on “About Me
  1. Absolutely wonderful author! Her books are phenomenal and her historical research is deep and accurate!

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  2. julie harms says:

    Hello Christy, Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  3. Hi there Christy,
    Long time no see. Cant believe its been almost three years since the Monster a day series. Hope you are keeping well. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. I hope that you get as much pleasure from it as I do,
    Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂


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  4. Jaeson Ko says:

    Thank you so much for taking time on my blog!
    Looking forward to interact with you!

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  5. Thanks for the like and the follow! Your blog looks gorgeous!

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  6. Laura says:

    Hi. I nominated you and your blog for the the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award:

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  7. vinneve says:

    We have something in common, accounting & loves of art & I dream of being an author of a book… Congrats! You are a talented person 😉

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  8. Leeby Geeby says:

    Great to meet you. Many thanks for following my work. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. Warmest regards.

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  9. Greetings from the British Isles, and many thanks for following me and the storyhounds. We like what we see here and we’re following back! 😉

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  10. AnElephantCant think of anything clever to say
    This happens time after time
    But he wants you to know
    That he likes you and so
    He says hello with this silly rhyme

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  11. You are one multi-talented creative! Congratulations on publishing your first novel, and here’s hoping for many more.

    Stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my book review blog and choosing to follow along. Let me know if I can ever help out with a review (see my Review Guidelines on the blog).

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  12. jayni wilson-sickler says:

    Green Dragon . . . I LOVE your name! And your blog.site. Beautiful photos, words, books, but, I must admit that I’m entranced by your beadwork most of all!! Having been a bead artist myself, I’m deeply drawn to your designs. I’ll check back later and do a little more browsing.
    Thank you for stopping by and following Mocha Muse. I greatly appreciate it!!
    ~ jayni

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  13. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi Christy! Thanks for the follow! You’re great! 🙂

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  14. danetigress says:

    Thanks for following my blog http://www.danetigress.wordpress.com I’ve followed back ! Happy New Year!


  15. Just popping over Green Dragon / Christy to say thank you so much for the follow and to have a look around at your own work and learn more about you. Hope the weekend is a happy one, MM 🍀

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  16. luciesmoker says:

    I love the imagery on this site. You are quite talented indeed!

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  17. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Christy!

    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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  18. Hi Christy, I recently read and reviewed your book. I enjoyed it much! When I was tagged for this writer’s Q&A, I thought it would be fun to tag you and find out more about your characters and you as a writer. If you’d like to participate, here’s where I tagged you: https://sherijkennedyriverside.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/i-inquiry/ Either way, cheers!

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  19. Hi Christy. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. It’s always nice to meet a fellow writer of historical fiction. The Celtic era was so mythical and also fairly female-friendly from what I understand of it. It must be very rewarding to write about it.

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  20. Lynn Love says:

    Hi Christy and thanks so much for the follow and for introducing me to your lovely site. What a wonderfully diverse range of artistic endeavours! You’re an inspiration for being so driven and productive. Good luck with everything 🙂

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  21. S.E. Panoply says:

    Great blog! I saw on Goodreads you haven’t claimed your author’s page and only one of your books are up there. You may want to join the forum so you can control what’s up there, and you already have one follower. 🙂

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  22. kethuprofumo says:

    Dear Christy,
    we have an honour to invite to participate in first ETERNAMENTA AWARDS ‘Most Talented Reader’.
    Best Regards,
    More detailed information is here: https://eternamenta.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/eternamenta-blog-awards/

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