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A Samhain Blessing

From Arthur Hinds, Bard Extraordinaire:   I honor my ancestors- those that came before me- those that stand beside me in the eddies of time.   I honor my family- family by fated blood relation- family by recognition and adoption

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Brigid’s Blessings on the Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc

On Imbolc Eve Irish & Scottish women would clean and prepare their household for Brigid’s blessings during the night.She was said to visit virtuous houses. Source: Brigid’s Blessings on the Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc

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Blessings of the Season! | Philip Carr-Gomm

For all those celebrating Samhain and Beltane at this time, may the season bring you wisdom and blessings! Samhain offers us the powerful transformation of Source: Blessings of the Season! | Philip Carr-Gomm

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Imbolc is coming

Imbolc is upon us in just a couple of weeks.   What is Imbolc? It is a returning of the light. It is a day of hope, of reassurance that the sun will come back and grace us with its

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A Blessing for the New Year

  John O’Donohue was an Irishman. He was a poet, priest and author. His book, Anam Cara (Soul Friend), was one that I will remember all my life. He was a leading figure in Celtic Spirituality. He grew up in

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