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Y Mabinogi – The Verve, Sawing, the Awen, and Autumn – Damh the Bard

Time for an update on the new album. The first words were written in May when me and Cerri travelled to Wales and hired a beautiful cottage. I wrote of the experience here and during that week the … Source:

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Getting into Art Shows

So, you are an artist.  You have some stuff on consignment at a couple local shops, you have a website, and perhaps you have even had a private showing at a friend’s house.  But what if you want to get

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What is Digital Art?

Post by Christy Jackson Nicholas: What is Digital Art? We are in a relatively new world, the Information Age.  The days of Pony Express, telegraphs and hand written letters are over.  So what does this mean in the art world? 

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Listening to Your Muse

All of us have dreams, inspirations, ideas, and creativity.  However, each person manifests their creativity in a different way, using different media and unique interpretations.  Everyone has a Muse. What is a Muse?  In ancient Greek Mythology, there were nine

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