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We shouldn’t hate anyone!

“But isn’t it wrong to hate racists and cops? We shouldn’t hate anyone!” No. Racism is a choice. A belief. It is the belief that one level of melanin makes someone inherently superior to another level of melanin. Racists can

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Bullying and Microaggressions

Many people have gone through hell in their childhoods. I wasn’t one of them.   Don’t get me wrong. I grew up poor enough that we had tuna fish salad for dinner way too often. All my new clothes were

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Please. Stop the hate and the killing.

I don’t normally go political on my blog. I like the happy world of travel, magic, writing and art. But sometimes one must speak out against the hatred. We live in a scary world. Most of us want to hide

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Love vs. Hate

Hate is in the air.   You used to hear the phrase ‘love is in the air,’ but I’m afraid that’s no longer the norm. In today’s society, hate is a buzzword, a default, something people use all the time.

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