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You Need To See This Extraordinary Viking Pub In Iceland | Bored Panda

A mixed martial arts gym called Mjölnir MMA in Iceland just opened a Viking pub. They are located in a forrest in the center of Reykjavík. The bar is named Drukkstofa Óðins, Drukkstofa is an old icelandic word for pub.

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Iceland 2017 Calendar Now Live!

I have an Iceland Calendar for 2017! Available on Lulu HERE   Some of the photos included in the calendar:            ***** I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based

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Horses and Hot Springs and Hamburgers, oh, my!

 Today we explored the Reykjanes peninsula, points south of Reykjavik. It is our last full day in this land, so it was an odd combination of being jaded at yet another lava formation and trying to suck the last bit

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From the Wilds of the North to Civilization

 As I left the Westfjords this morning, I gazed at the barren landscape with poignant longing. Miles and miles of nothing is beautiful. I cannot imagine the challenges that those few brave souls who eke out their living in this

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My brave and foolish failure at Glymur Falls

Today we headed north. First stop was Fossatun, a combination waterfall and Troll path. Yes, I said Trolls. There is evidently a local tale of trolls at this location, so several troll statues have been set around. The surrounding area

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 Cheese plate at Harpa Hall

We walked down Laugavar and sampled the shops before braving the incredibly bracing wind to get to Harpa Hall. After that ordeal, we decided a treat was in order. A lovely cheese plate with coffee at the cafe. The Harpa

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