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Folklore of Little Christmas

via Folklore of Little Christmas Today is Little christmas/the feast of the epiphany. A few small snippets of Irish folklore relating to the traditions associated with the day taken from the National Folklore Schools collection. It is also known in

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“Cunning Folk”: Witchcraft, Healing and Superstition | Pen and Pension

“Cunning Folk”: Witchcraft, Healing and SuperstitionPosted on November 29, 2017 by William Savage“Wise Woman”(CC) MidnightblueowlIt’s easy to forget that “Cunning Folk” had been a normal part of society from the Middle Ages and continued right through until the start of the

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Halloween Folklore and Superstitions – #FolkloreThursday

We all know that Halloween, as a festival, is not an invention of the trick-or-treating Americans but it is far older than many people realise. Source: Halloween Folklore and Superstitions – #FolkloreThursday

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