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Strong Female Leads in Historical Fiction!

Are you interested in books with strong female leads? Check out this fantastic list of historical fiction to meet your desires!

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Why don’t you have children?

They all ask the questions. Do you have kids? Why don’t you have children? Don’t you want children? When are you going to settle down and have a family? What if your partner wants them? I don’t know what I’d

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English Historical Fiction Authors: Adventure Seekers – Women Explorers of the Victorian Era

Source: English Historical Fiction Authors: Adventure Seekers – Women Explorers of the Victorian Era

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Writing Male Characters as a Woman

Today I am posting as part of the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest! Please take a look at the fest page to read others’ posts and potentially win a fabulous prize!     I’m a new writer. I have written all

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Granny Women – healing and magic in Appalachia

What a fantastic article on Granny Women in Appalachia. The author explores the origins of some of the beliefs in Ireland, Scotland and Cherokee faiths, as well as the herbs and lore itself. Having moved to West Virginia several years

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What Victorian Women Didn’t Do… Much!

Interesting article on what Victorian women didn’t do much, despite our pre-conceptions. Author: Elizabeth Dunn. **************** Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books. –

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What is Digital Art?

We are in a relatively new world, the Information Age.  The days of Pony Express, telegraphs and hand written letters are over.  So what does this mean in the art world?  It means that we have a wonderfully flexible, complex,

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